• K-12 Parent Involvement Policy

    The Glenwood School believes that parents/guardians and other family members play an important role in our student’s education.  We encourage open, honest communication with our staff.  The partnership between home and school has been proven to assist students to achieve their highest potential.  Our school’s parent involvement plan includes a multitude of activities that help parents actively support their children with school.

    The following strategies will be used during the school year to increase parent/guardian involvement at the Glenwood School:

     At our annual Open House school information, including LAP requirements will be explained to parents. Parents who cannot attend will be notified of meetings at other times to receive this information.

    • Parents will be invited to participate in our patent policy planning, review and evaluations as part of our ongoing school improvement process and plan.
    • During the school year, we will keep parents informed of our LAP program including curriculum, assessment, and achievement levels expected, through our publications, conferences, family nights and our website.
    • Parents may meet with staff members to give input and assist in making decisions regarding their child’s education. Parents may call, email or write the school office, teacher, or other staff to set meetings.
    • Our school staff will be available and will respond to parents through meetings, in two-way communications, such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email and through written formats. If needed, we will make an effort to provide interpreters, and/or translations.
    • Our school/home compact will be written and evaluated with parent assistance yearly as part of our school improvement planning process. Parents will receive the compact at conference time.
    • We will provide activities and events to involve parents in their child’s academic growth, such as family evenings, math, reading and science nights, class presentations and SBAC preparation events.
    • Parents are encouraged to support their children’s’ education by being involved in school and at home.